About Us

Halara is a beautiful Greek noun, verb and adjective, meaning “harmony, to chill, to take it easy, having a ‘laid-back’ attitude”.
We, as founders of Halara, strive to pursue a laid-back lifestyle, in harmony with our fellow human beings and our planet. We have lived in a number of different countries, and have travelled extensively with our three children, ‘world-schooling’ them along the way. 

Our many experiences in different countries and with different cultures has reinforced our passion to share Halara.

Living Halara!

We know how important it is to fill one’s cup in order to thrive in this crazy world. We want you to feel your best, both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our vision as a company is to incorporate Halara into all our products and services.

Halara sells a limited range of unique, lifestyle orientated products that are ethically sourced from small scale artisans locally and globally.
Halara also organises progressive events and offers services that encourages and helps you to practice the art of ‘Living Halara’.

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